Glass Screens For Wet RoomsAdvantages and disadvantages of wetlands

Wet rooms are becoming the latest trend in bathroom design. Understandable, since it has a modern and contemporary. Even the small space seem larger and give bonuses to people who for some places, the cost of space becomes more expensive. But before you decide to install one at home, you better know and understand the advantages and disadvantages of the installation of wetlands.


1. Recently, large bathroom looks like you're done withshower or bath and shelves. It creates an open space.

2. Maintenance is easy. No bathroom cleaning and not have to worry about the wet ground. Water flows easily because there is no system of degraded land that directs the water in the drainage water.

3. Avoid accidental fall. The floor is level, you need to find a balance in and out of the shower because there is no bath or shower wall to go.

4. Easily accessible, even fordisabilities. The elderly and disabled, or in a wheelchair or walker can have easy access to the shower tray is level with other areas of the bathroom and no doors in the shower area.

5. What makes your bathroom is modern and contemporary.

6. An additional second or third room is small for a shower renovated wet can increase the value of your home.


1. What must be installed by professionals,installation needs proper water drainage and waterproofing. DIY installation of humidity can cause water damage to your home if not done correctly.

2. Rooms wet floor "and the walls must be tiled everything that can be expensive.

3. Sketches can make your towels and toilet paper gets wet. Or install a shower or install a sealed box to protect you towels and toilet paper to water spray.

4. If the installation was done properly, water canpenetrate the soil and can cause water damage. This could lead to rotten wood and plaster and can compromise the structural integrity of the house.

5. Change the humid bathroom can reduce the resale value of your home, because most people want a choice either to take a shower or bath in your bathroom.

6. If you choose a piece of porous material is necessary to maintain and very close to 2 to 3 months. And every two years, to verify and maintainclose relative to keep it forever.

7. The cost of installation is generally more expensive than regular baths models.

Knowing the pros and cons of installing these rooms are given the power to make an informed decision as the design of wetlands is the best bathroom in the house or not.

Glass Screens For Wet Rooms

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